Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro Earphones Review

As someone who trains regularly with music and various apps ringing in my ears, I was intrigued to test a pair of in-ear headphones boasting the claim ‘guaranteed to never fall out’. Well… in every situation I’ve tested the Yurbuds the grippy silicone moulded buds have lived up to the claim of staying in place and have remained genuinely comfortable.

With a unique twist-lock system the idea is you place the moulded ‘ear enhancer’ into the ear canal holding the extension towards the back of the neck to then twist the entire ear piece approximately 90 degrees. This securing process creates an effective seal for sound retention and, of course, the earphones themselves.

Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Review

Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Review


Running, cycling and a full gym workout have survived the test as have a few forced tugs of wires during every day use.

With the ‘no falling out’ claim in tact the remaining features are best described under the following headings:


Good. The best comparison I can give (and bear in mind I am sports gadget enthusiast rather than hi-fi expert) is that they are of marginally superior sound quality to the standard Apple units available with the current iPhone and iPod models. For most that will be a perfectly adequate quality whilst others may quip that finer sound details can be achieved. Well… for purposes of a workout (for which these earphones are designed) the sound is more than adequate with the twist lock system even producing a mild noise reduction effect. In reality I doubt whether the higher end (and therefore more expensive) units would be the kind of product you would want to risk on a long run or have sitting at the bottom of your gym bag. These are designed for exactly that.

Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Review

I tend to run with a playlist of more up tempo tracks and found the Yurbuds performed particularly well when judged with  a variety of  bass-lines delivered at volumes safe for running.


As mentioned above, long-term comfort is retained throughout a workout. The actual pod has the shape of a funnel which sits slightly within the entrance to the ear canal but not so much as to cause discomfort. My only issues with the comfort were not concerned with the in-ear fit but more that the wire is particularly long perhaps leaving the ‘Y-Shaped’ microphone and talk control siting a little lower than you might usually expect.

Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro Earphones Review box

Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Review

Talk Control

The Y-Shaped module is a clever design following the same button control of most units compatible with standard smartphones. Tapping the up/down part will control the volume whilst the centre button allows for in-call functions. Whilst listening to music the centre button will also allow for the pausing and skipping back and forth of tracks.


I mention this as I put some value on the fact that the connection jack is designed with both sports and modern cases in mind. All too often I’ve found that aftermarket headphones come with a larger jack that won’t connect to my iPhone whilst housed in the standard Apple case (from which my phone is rarely allowed out of!).

With the Yurbuds ‘pistol’ shaped jack, the headphones remained compatible with the tapered jack making its connection through the narrow opening of both the case and the phone itself. The angled design also helps to prevent damage if, like me, you have the tendency to coil the headphones when not in use.


If your priority for earphones (and therefore your music) is to remain in place continuously during your workout then the Yurbuds are unlikely to let you down. The design is solid and the claims on the box live up to testing without compromising comfort.  Sound quality will easily match (if not exceed) standard smartphone earphones and many others within the Yurbuds the price bracket.

Buying Options

I want my reviews to be as independent as possible. On that basis, I thought a link to Amazon would provide the most impartial method of you looking at other user comments should you be considering a purchase. You can also find them on the Yurbuds website here.

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