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I honestly couldn’t have imagined how well TriedOnline would take off just in it’s first two weeks since I sat in Zappi’s Cafe writing the ‘Opening Blog’. Since that date I’ve drafted and completed two full lists of optimisations for this site and added two in-depth product reviews. I hope you have enjoyed reading them.

To put those reviews in context, I’ve swam an extra 8,100 metres with Garmin Swim and moved 125,921 steps with the Garmin Vivofit. After I’ve posted a review, I’ll continue to train with the devices and I’ll be available to answer any follow-up questions you may have. Please feel free to comment within the reviews or on any of the TriedOnline social media pages.


I’m coming back from the knee injury but the progress is slower than I had hoped. At any other time I would have been absolutely gutted to have been unable to run, but I have to thank this lay-off for giving me the opportunity to start this project. It’s funny how these things work out.

Ever heard of sports taping?

Neither had I, but it’s seems to be the what’s made the difference to my rehab so far.


You’ll see from the picture that the idea is to provide stability to the joint and ligament without restricting or affecting the movement of the knee (particularly the knee cap).

I am very lucky to have had the support of my online coach and Hauora Sports Therapy to get me back on track. Thankfully I’ve kept the swimming up to the usual levels and the bike is building up nicely again.

The indoor trainer has done the job nicely.

Triedonline turbo

Social Media

So it appears my eyes have been opened to whole new online world that I never knew existed. Like most of you reading this I was (of course) already on Facebook, Twitter and Goggle+ merrily posting my personal updates and tweeting about my training. I really had know idea about the powerful tools developed within those platforms for obtaining data and insights into who, what, when and where your webpages are being read. Wow… there’s still so much for me to learn.

We are by no means behind the times here in the UK, but some really exciting social media marketing conferences have been taking place over in the USA. If you have even vague interest in the techie side of social media check out Ryan Hanley and his blog on Content Warfare. Could Google+ be the future? and should we all be blogging more?

I’ve also set set up the TriedOnline YouTube Channel. A Google ‘Hangout’ could be on the agenda sometime soon!

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