Sportstiks Tattoo Review

Sportstiks Tattoo Review

Sports and Stickers. That is exactly what does and that is exactly what every triathlon competitor will need on race day. This is a quick review of the Sportstiks Tatoos.

Chances are, you will have already come across the standard paper stickers that are placed on the bike and cycle helmet to display your race number (Sportstiks do those too). This is about the tattoos you may see the elites wearing as body markers rather than wearing a race belt.



Pretty easy really. 200 in this pack.




It really is a simple as the instructions here. Peel > Apply > Wet > Remove Backing.


As the picture shows, the tattoo is extremely detailed even in this small size. The design stays sharp during use and is very durable. I’ve not worn this one under a wetsuit yet but it stayed on for many hours withstanding rubbing against garments, perspiration and (most importantly) water. I can’t see┬áthis coming off, even during an IronMan!


Removal is as described in the instructions. It came off with minimum rubbing and no skin irritation.


These are mostly used for race numbers but they are also great for logos. The simplicity of this product really is its greatest asset. Highly recommended. has a great website to tell you the rest.

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