This is how I roll… Prevent, Prepare, Perform

From pondering my 2014 triathlon season and which direction to take for 2015, I took the opportunity to attend the ‘Prevent, Prepare, Perform’ seminar as organised and hosted by the vastly experienced Drummond Clinic in Maidenhead, UK.

With an impressive line up of guest speakers and interactive presentations by some of the clinic’s own sports therapists, it seemed a no-brainer for me to attend and work out how not repeat my experience this year’s injury hit season. And why not start this new plan in the company of the European Ironman Champion and some of her elite team contributing to this year’s achievements!

Prevent prepare perform

With the first presentation of the day coming from Corrine Abraham participants enjoyed some insight on the journey from novice athlete through to elite pro and all of the personal sacrifices involved. It’s impossible to summarise here, but the most important lesson learned from Corrine was the message that warm-up and mobility work must not become an optional add-on to your training – it must be incorporated as an essential component of each session, if prolonged training is to be achieved.

This was great advice. Simple, but often the greatest keys to success are exactly that!

Next up was the session from Alex Drummond followed by the co-lead interactive (cue mats and rollers) workshop sessions with Arran Nicholson. Here we learnt the analysis of ‘the squat!! No really… how we squat can teach us the basics of the correct warm-up techniques right through to the essentials of running form.

Drummond Clinic

There’s obviously much more to it than that, however you’ll need a full consultation from the professionals at the clinic to fully understand your own personal needs. For me, I’ve come away with greater knowledge of the mobility and strengthening exercises I need in order to get myself running strong again. I’ve also learnt some killer rolling techniques….

Foam Rolling

This is how I roll!

Alex Drummond recommends foam rolling every day. And the ball? Well…. this is for greater targeting of the rolling techniques to reach deeper within in the shoulders and glutes.

Later in the day we heard from renowned sports scientist Chris Chamberlain on the fascinating topics of Vo2 max and Biomechanical Assessments, with Gill Cummings-Bell concluding with the final thoughts on nutrition and ‘The Fundamentals of Fuelling Training’. The seminar certainly lived up to its name, leaving us with invaluable insight into how we must first prevent in order to prepare. It’s a key message and one that will stick with me throughout the off-season and into 2015. I’ll also know exactly where to turn if some further professional advice is required. After all, Alex Drummond and the clinic are trusted by the elites of Corrine Abraham, the Uplace BMC Pro Team and many others.

The whole day was jam-packed with invaluable information.  I wish I could impart more of the advice here but that really wouldn’t do justice to the fantastic list of speakers. Head over to the Drummond Clinic’s website for more info.

Check back here in a few days time where I’ll giving a little announcement on what’s in store for me and TriedOnline for 2015! It’s something quite long… and Welsh!


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