Nuun Active Hydration Review

Nuun Active Hydration Review

With so many different varieties and options available, choosing the right sports drink can become a bit of a minefield. I’ve always looked for the most convenient, cost effective and natural solution available, plus one that has the ability to provide sufficient hydration for race conditions without unnecessary calories and/or sugars. Step up Nuun Active Hydration Tablets.

Overview – Nuun Active Hydration Review

As with all nutrition reviews it’s very difficult to give true objective and empirical guidance but I can say over the last two months these tablets have formed the foundation of my whole winter training. Not once have I felt thirsty, dehydrated or (most importantly) any unpleasantness in the stomach!

Nuun Active Hydration Review

Nuun Active Hydration Review

The idea is you simply add one Nuun tablet to 16 OZ of normal water. I generally sling one in my normal water bottle just as I’m heading out for a training session. Other than a little fizzing at first you’ll barely notice the tablet but you will notice an added zing in the water and a very refreshing taste.


Here I’ve tried they ‘Tropical’, ‘Tri-Berry’ and ‘Fruit Punch’ flavours. I don’t really have a favourite as they are all very pleasant and subtle additions to my water bottle. I’d even go so far as to say that each has made me want to finish the full 5ooml whereas before I might have left the bottle of unfinished. And that’s the key to hydration via electrolytes – the fluids need to reach the body effectively to replace water loss though exercise.

Nuun  Active Hydration Review

There is no sugar in the Nuun tablets and neither will you find any added syrup or artificial flavours. What you will find is essential electrolytes including, sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. I was pleased to see it also contained 31% of my daily dose of Vitamin C.

Another great bonus is that it won’t leave any sticky residues in either your bottle or on your equipment (i.e bike) should you suffer a spill. I’m a bit of a convert now considering I was using pre-packaged electrolyte/sports drinks previously. The Nuun tabs also work out far cheaper too.

To find out more about the full range of flavours head over to the Nuun website.

Conclusion – Nuun Active Hydration Review

Nuun nutrition started off life in America but are successfully building an excellent reputation in the UK and worldwide. It’s not surprising that they are becoming popular with both amateur and professional triathletes/cyclists given the ease-of-use and portability of the tablet containers. With 12 in a tube it’s easy to stow in a cycling jersey to remain hydrated through a full ride, race or tour.

The Nuun Active Nutrition Tablets retail for £6 for a tube or £22 – £24 for a pack of four. One way or another, that’s 50p or less per drink which you’ll be hard pushed to beat for training effect or value.

Buying Options

I want my reviews to be as independent as possible. On that basis, I thought a link to Amazon would provide the most impartial method of you looking at other user comments should you be considering a purchase.

Nuun Active Hydration Review

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