Mighty Buds earphones Review

Mighty Buds Earphones Review

The Mighty Buds earphones are a really unique music device using electroluminescent technology to physically illuminate the earphone cord in tune to the beat of your music. I decided to give them a go from a night-vision perspective as it occurred to me they could be a really interesting tool for staying seen on those dark winter runs.

Mighty Buds earphones  Review


For the price, the sound of the Mighty Buds is actually mighty impressive. I’d definitely say they are an upgrade on standard units supplied with most smartphones or MP3 players. There’s quality delivery through the full musical range offering impressive bass whilst also bringing out crisp vocals on softer tracks where needed. I was very happy with the delivery of my usual running playlists.


The Mighty Buds are supplied with a choice of three detachable cushion buds (small, medium, large) so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a compatible fit. The tips create a tight seal which will block some external sounds and improve quality over other (looser) earphones. If I had only one slight issue with the Mighty Buds it was that the talk pod (which also acts as a housing for a rechargeable battery) could occasionally cause the earphones to dislodge whilst running due to its additional size/weight. This was, however, only very occasionally and wasn’t a problem when my ears were also covered by a hat and/or headband.

Talk Control

The rectangular module houses two buttons and also a rubber flap where a micro USB cable can be used for charging the unit. As it is a light emitting chord the power does need to be replaced from time to time but I’ve found the charge to last well over 10 hours. Two buttons control the unit with an on/off button giving you the choice of whether you use the electroluminescent function or not (you might not want it on the train!). There’s a single button for pausing and skipping tracks (double tap) which will also alow you to answer calls using the in-built microphone. There is no volume control on the unit though.

Mighty Buds earphones Review


Is it just a gimmick? Actually, I’d say not as you can’t fail to notice these earphones when you see them worn at night. I used them for a number of runs and honestly believe they enhanced my visibility to motorists and passers-by. They will definitely turn heads.

The electroluminescent technology interprets the flow of the current track to flash in time with the beat. The effect is a series of both long and short on/off flashes which will be unique to the music you are listening to at the time. It’s quite interesting to see as you listen but to onlookers it will also appear as a really eye-catching sequence. The chord gives a nice neon like appearance which adds to the intrigue, particularly as the light remains continuous through shape of the chord leading to each ear (i.e a Y shape).

Below is a 10 second YouTube clip of the Mighty Buds worn in the dark.

I tested the green Mighty Buds. Blue and orange versions are also available.


I really like these earphones as a night-vision aid. They sound good and they definitely look the part. If you don’t want to draw attention to yourself then you might want to think twice (or just turn them off), however, if you listen to music whilst exercising and want something highly visible, these could be the answer. They would also look pretty interesting should you ever find yourself at a silent disco!

Buying Options

I want my reviews to be as independent as possible. On that basis, I thought a link to Amazon would provide the most impartial method of you looking at other user comments should you be considering a purchase. You can also find them on the WowThem website here.

Mighty Buds Earphones Review


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