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IRONMAN Wales 2015

There was a little hint in yesterday’s blog post about a what might be in store for TriedOnline’s 2015. Well… here it is… I’m a fully registered, paid up (some might say crazy) entrant to IRONMAN Wales 2015.

The Road to Tenby

From today onwards I’ll launch a new section of the website to countdown the road to Tenby. I’ll blog about my journey through training and, most importantly, the kit that will be accompanying me to the start line. In that respect I guess I already have one of every item needed but I’ll be using the next 10 months to narrow down which gear has benefitted my training the most and will serve me best on the transition from standard to long distance triathlon. There will be plenty more gadget reviews.

ironman wales 2015 blog

I’d also welcome your thoughts and opinions too!

This is just the announcement for now. Since signing up I can honestly say that the epic distances involved in an IRONMAN have been one of the first thoughts on my mind each morning. For those of you that need clarification that’s a 3.8km sea swim, 180km on the bike followed a 42km run. Or, in old money, 2.4 miles, 112 miles and then a Marathon!

Please follow on me on Facebook and/or Strava if you want to see how the training’s going.

Yes, those distances are a serious challenge and from everything I’ve read the town of Tenby and the contours (i.e hills!) of surrounding Pembrokeshire make IRONMAN Wales one of the hardest long course triathlons available. That said, I’m also assured that due to the unwavering support from crowds throughout the course, it can be one of the most fun and rewarding on the European circuit. Lets hope so!

Ironman Wales 2015 blog

Tenby is also special to me as, whilst I am not from Wales, I have immediate family in the area and have been a fortunate visitor to the neighbouring Caldey Island where my Uncle has lived in the monastery for over 20 years. Check it out some time, it’s a day trip you won’t regret.

Ironman wales 2015 blog

The Monastery

Feel free to comment below with any of your own experiences and/or opinions on the challenge ahead.

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