Fat Lad At The Back Jersey Review

Fat Lad At The Back Nippy Jersey Review

The Fat Lad at the Back ‘Nippy’ Jersey is a comfortable winter long-sleeved jersey with many useful features to keep you snug and warm as you continue cycling through the winter months. With a tall collar, full length zip and long thumbhole sleeves the jersey provided full upper-body protection whilst remaining versatile and breathable.

For those of you that have not yet heard of the company, ‘Fat Lad at the Back’ are a British company aiming to cater to every aspect of the growing cycling population. The idea is… no matter what size you are, you can still have a range of high quality cycle apparel available and cut to flattering proportions.

Having said the above, the company are also keen to stress that their products are actually available to all shapes and sizes, including skinny lads somewhere in the middle of the pack (i.e. me!).

Fat lad at the back winter jersey review

The product I have here is the ‘Nippy’ long-sleeved jersey in a 40″ chest. It’s a good fit as a winter jersey with another layer or two underneath but I’m so skinny I’d probably be better suited to the 38″. This is a personal preference based upon how many layers you intend to wear when cycling in the winter (I prefer just a base layer underneath). There’s a very useful size guide on the product website which (in keeping with the company’s ethos) allows you to order your correct size rather than just the standard S/M/L etc. This is an excellent touch.

Looking at the detail, we have three generous pockets to the rear (for water bottles etc) together with a side pocket for the storage of smaller items. You’ll also find a reflective logo over the pockets together with the large white logo which will provide further visibility to those behind.

Fat lad at the back Nippy review

Fat Lad At The Back Nippy Jersey Review

Fat lad at the back review

Construction is very good with the flatlock seams placed conveniently for minimum obtrusion. The softshell fabric is an excellent wind buffer with some rain protection. Due to its brushed inner I found it pretty warm on drier winter rides but you will want an over jacket if you intend to ride in the pouring rain. A packable rain jacket will fit nicely in one of the rear pockets.

I particularly liked the thumbhole sleeves which helped secure the lower arms in position and maintain warmth whilst down on the tri-bars. Provided you have decent winter gloves this feature will still work well under the additional layer whilst retaining hand feel. With a drop tail rear and grippy silicone hem, the jersey will also remain in place below the waist.


The Nippy Winter Jersey is a very well designed and thought out piece of winter kit. It works in the colder conditions that I’ve tested in and retains both position and comfort over a long ride. I like styling and the fit which, due to the vast array of sizes available, is bound to appeal to practically any cyclist looking for winter warmth.

The Nippy Jacket is available direct from Fat Lad At The Back for £59.99.

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