Polar V800 review profile

Polar V800 Swimming Update

Today I received a very welcome email from Polar Flow to inform me that the much-anticipated firmware update had arrived to introduce the tracking of pool swimming metrics to the Polar V800. Awesome news!

Well… as soon as it arrived I hastily re-arranged my schedule to see if I could squeeze in a quick swim before the end of the lunch time lanes session at my local pool. I say hastily, as the ropes would only be up for another hour!

Polar Loop Review

The Polar Loop is Polar’s entry into the activity tracking market aimed at those looking to track their all-day steps, calories and sleep data. Given Polar’s extensive history and experience in heart-rate tracking it’s no surprise that the Loop also has the ability to pair with a heart rate sensor to double up as a very compact tool for capturing full fitness data.

The ability to connect to a both a heart rate strap and a smartphone (via Bluetooth Smart) takes the Loop into territory currently only occupied by Garmin’s Vivofit and Vivosmart devices.

Polar V800 Review Feature

Polar V800 Review

The Polar V800 MultiSports Watch is possibly the year’s most eagerly anticipated GPS device. The full function watch sits firmly at the top of Polar’s product tree and is also their first foray in the multisports arena. This is a serious piece of kit for any athlete which will also double up as an all day activity tracker for full analysis of all the wearer’s activities, workouts and steps.

As the Polar V800 only hit general release in June 2014 it is operating with its beta software with more features promised by way of firmware updates. At the time of writing this review, the full swimming capabilities have not been made available. That said, the watch is packed full of features making it ready to rival some of the more established multisports devices from the likes of Garmin and Tom Tom.

The Polar V800 is cutting edge in terms of data transfer benefiting from Bluetooth Smart to allow wireless transfer to a smartphone together with USB syncing to a home computer. It’s also a very stylish day-to-day wrist watch.

Polar V800 Test Videos

On 2 June 2014 I became the proud owner of a brand new Polar V800 Multi-Sports Watch. It's on test now to feature as the latest in-depth review, but to do the justice to the vast capabilities of the watch (which is also an activity tracker) it's going to take a little time to write up. In the meantime, I thought I would publish these two YouTube clips to provide a little insight in what's to come.

The first clip shows the initial unboxing of the device and accessories.

This second clip shows the Polar V800 acquiring a satellite fix and the first minute of a running activity.
Please stop by again shortly for the full review. If you have any queries about the test or wish to share some of your own experiences whilst training with the Polar V800 please feel free to comment below.