Fat Lad At The Back Jersey Review

Fat Lad At The Back Nippy Jersey Review

The Fat Lad at the Back ‘Nippy’ Jersey is a comfortable winter long-sleeved jersey with many useful features to keep you snug and warm as you continue cycling through the winter months. With a tall collar, full length zip and long thumbhole sleeves the jersey provided full upper-body protection whilst remaining versatile and breathable.

Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro Earphones Review

As someone who trains regularly with music and various apps ringing in my ears, I was intrigued to test a pair of in-ear headphones boasting the claim ‘guaranteed to never fall out’. Well… in every situation I’ve tested the Yurbuds the grippy silicone moulded buds have lived up to the claim of staying in place and have remained genuinely comfortable.

Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles Review

Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO Goggles Review

The Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO swim goggles are the updated version of the already trusted and best-selling Kaiman range. With 8 pairs million sold worldwide already, Aqua Sphere knew what they were doing when they introduced a weight reduction together with an easier quick adjust system to the buckles. The result is crystal clear visibility combined with unrivalled comfort.

Teko EVAPOR8 Socks Review

Teko EVAPOR8 Socks Review

The TEKO EVAPOR8 Firefly is a high performing, fitted, unisex sports sock. It is definitely a minimalist sock which will be a bonus for most triathletes as the clever construction eliminates the need for a heavier or bulkier dual layer system. The contoured fit is such that any rubbing and/or chafing is eliminated due to the construction and reinforcement in all the correct places.

British Legion Cycling Jersey Review

British Legion Cycle Jersey Review

With excellent lightweight technical fabric and 3 rear pockets, the British Legion Cycle Jersey proves a great training and race shirt whilst supporting one of the most worthwhile and internationally recognised of causes. 

Although this is a short-sleeve jersey it had to feature as a November review being so close to armistice day and the 100 year anniversary of the great war. It’s a product I’ve worn with pride through each of its outings on test.

Polar V800 review profile

Polar V800 Swimming Update

Today I received a very welcome email from Polar Flow to inform me that the much-anticipated firmware update had arrived to introduce the tracking of pool swimming metrics to the Polar V800. Awesome news!

Well… as soon as it arrived I hastily re-arranged my schedule to see if I could squeeze in a quick swim before the end of the lunch time lanes session at my local pool. I say hastily, as the ropes would only be up for another hour!

Polar Loop Review

The Polar Loop is Polar’s entry into the activity tracking market aimed at those looking to track their all-day steps, calories and sleep data. Given Polar’s extensive history and experience in heart-rate tracking it’s no surprise that the Loop also has the ability to pair with a heart rate sensor to double up as a very compact tool for capturing full fitness data.

The ability to connect to a both a heart rate strap and a smartphone (via Bluetooth Smart) takes the Loop into territory currently only occupied by Garmin’s Vivofit and Vivosmart devices.

Garmin wireless cadence sensor review Feature

Garmin Magnetless Cadence Sensor Review

Whilst researching a solution for adding cadence to my second bike I noticed Garmin had recently introduced a new magnet-less range for both cadence and speed detection to pair wirelessly via ANT+. Perfect!

The brand new sensors are different to the previous GSC-10 ‘Combi Sensor’ (reviewed by Ben) in that motion is now detected via an in-built accelerometer rather than a chainstay mounted unit triggered by magnets rotating on the spokes and/or crank. With the inclusion of accelerometer technology, the cadence sensor is much smaller and can be mounted inconspicuously behind the bike’s crank arm.

Here I have tested the cadence sensor only. A separate speed sensor (which mounts to hub of the rear wheel) is also available and tested here. N.B. if you do wish to go magnet-less for both speed & cadence you will need two separate sensors (they can, however, be purchased as a pack).

TomTom Multisport Cardio Review

TomTom Multisport Cardio Review

The TomTom Multisports Cardio is TomTom’s range topping GPS device now featuring an in-built optical heart rate sensor. The addition of the word ‘Cardio’ to the previously released device means that the watch now incorporates the very clever Mio sensor, giving the ability to detect heart rate direct from the wrist.

Being a multisport device, the TomTom Multisports Cardio (I think I’m gonna shorten it to the “Cardio” for this review) can track all of your running, cycling & swimming activities. It even has a mode to track indoor running on a treadmill without the need for a footpod. All very handy when all you need is the device and no separate heart rate strap to start your training.

TomTom also has a its own smartphone app to make use of the wireless capabilities via Bluetooth. Data transfer can be utilised straight to your phone or via USB direct to your PC. There’s also ability to integrate with third-party applications (such as Strava) at the point of upload.

Sundried Review


You may already have noticed that the 2014 triathlon season has got underway with a brand new splash of colour. The SUNDRiED team have landed on the UK shores to bring us some fantastic apparel and also to support some upcoming UK talent.

These are the shots of a pretty cool T-shirt that I’ve managed to get my hands on. I’m not going in-depth like my normal gadget reviews, but can say these T-shirts are unbelievably comfy at any time you may wish to wear them. There’s some really high quality cotton involved, making the Tee feel like it’s floating on your torso. I’m not sure how they’ve managed it, but I really love lounging in this after training.

Sundried Review 2

SUNDRiED are supporting some pretty major athletes already, with likes of Ireland’s Eimear Mullan. They’re also establishing a new program where they have invited UK athletes to apply to become ambassadors. Nicky Bartlett is already one successful applicant but others are expected soon, so make sure you get in touch with them on their website or via Twitter or Facebook if you want to be considered.

The T-shirts and other apparel are available to everyone. I’m sure you’ll be seeing them at races soon. Check out the funky sunglasses on their website too!