Garmin FR920XT Review

Garmin Forerunner 920XT Review

Garmin managed to keep a tight lid and many people guessing about when they would be releasing the Forerunner 920XT as the successor to the already hugely successful FR910XT.  I say guessing as to ‘when’ as the wireless technology (both WiFi and Bluetooth), that had been appearing and enjoying great success in Gamin’s other fitness devices, had to make its way into the company’s flagship multisport device at some point.

The result is a mighty little watch packing in all of Gamin’s knowledge in running, cycling, swimming and activity tracking in to a nifty 62g device which will also pair with a smartphone (via Bluetooth) to act as a smartwatch. Thanks to the great people at TFN I managed to get hold of brand new FR920XT for testing as soon as it was launched here in the UK.

Triathlon Modes – Garmin FR920XT v Polar V800

The background to this post can be found in the in-depth review of the Garmin Forerunner 920XT where I performed a test of a full (albeit DIY) Triathlon wearing both the FR920XT and the Polar V800. To make sense of the activity (if you’ve come straight to this page) head over to the Triathlon section the FR920XT Review here.

I wanted to provide a separate page for the screenshots of the workout obtained from both Garmin Connect and Polar Flow. I’ll provide the summary screens first and then each sport in turn, Swim/Bike/Run.

Kitbrix review

Kitbrix Review

Kitbrix is a storage system that is based around rectangular bags that can be zipped together so that you can create a flexible system of storing, transporting and racing with your kit. The bags are available individually, or as a set of three. There are few different colour schemes available, the model that we had on test was finished in ‘kitbrix blue’ with the ‘K’ symbol on one end and their ‘keep it together slogan’ on the side, visible behind the mesh pockets. The first thing that immediately leapt to my attention was the reassuring feeling of rugged quality. Throughout the test period at no point did I feel that I was in any danger of ripping the material, splitting stitching or seams, or jamming the zip. The top handle was tough webbing with a rubber grip and there are 6 attachment points for the long strap around the edge. This initial feeling of robustness got the Kitbrix and I off to a very good start.

Le Col Sport Winter Jacket Review

British brand Le Col has launched its 2014 winter range of innovative cycling clothing designed for both performance and comfort through the harsh winter months, whist still maintaining style. The British clothing and accessory company was formed by professional and elite cyclist, Yanto Barker, with the aim of bringing Italian made style to the British climates.

Le Col has been growing in popularity and reputation since it was founded, finding its way in to the hearts of more and more cyclists and their clubs. Most recently, Yanto Barker has also featured in the news as the Team Captain of the newly formed ‘One Pro Cycling Team’ established by professional cricketer, Matt Prior.

I was able to get hold of the 2014 Winter Sport Jacket in order to put it through its paces together with a pair of the Le Col Leg Warmers. Perfect timing as temperatures have plummeted here in the UK over the past four weeks.

Mighty Buds earphones Review

Mighty Buds Earphones Review

The Mighty Buds earphones are a really unique music device using electroluminescent technology to physically illuminate the earphone cord in tune to the beat of your music. I decided to give them a go from a night-vision perspective as it occurred to me they could be a really interesting tool for staying seen on those dark winter runs.

Primal Kitchen Paleo Bars Review

Primal Kitchen Paleo Bars Review

The Primal Kitchen is a new British range of snack/energy bars designed to conform to the Paleo diet that is becoming increasingly popular amongst triathletes and athletes alike.

I had the opportunity to eat my way through the full range in order to provide a quick review of the performance (and taste of course) of these intriguing bars. Before moving on to the range itself I should give a very brief overview of the Paleo philosophy (or diet). In short, the idea is if a caveman couldn’t eat it then neither can you!  It sounds simple, but the idea is that processed food is off the menu as are most grains and dairy products. Meat and vegetables are fair game as are dishes containing eggs, nuts and seeds etc. The idea has become particularly popular due to its simplicity and ease use. Many also follow the principle as, by default, it often conforms with a gluten-free lifestyle. A downside (for most of us with a sweet tooth) is that refined sugars, sweets, chocolate and most packaged foods are completely out.

Cateye Rapid X rear light review

Cateye Rapid X Rear Light Review

The Cateye Rapid X is a new addition to Cayteye’s 2014 range of rear lighting solutions. I’ve decided to review it here as it offers a very useful solution for an extremely robust and bright rear light that also has the ability to fit effortlessly to a triathlon or TT Bike (including those with aero seat tubes). It, therefore, provides a really useful option for top quality lighting to anyone wishing to continue use of their triathlon bike through the darker winter months.

USN Whey and Oats Review

USN Whey and Oats Review

Breakfast has always been a bit of a love hate relationship for me when it comes to balanced nutrition and time-saving. I know (and don’t doubt) it’s the most important meal of the day, but it’s also the one that seems to be the most hurried. Whether it’s rushing out the door for training or work I never seem to find the time to put enough consideration into what goes into my body at the start of the day.

Energy is key to my day and I’ve been trying to put a little more thought into getting the right amount of protein too. I’m by no means a scientist when it comes to these things, but I have been trying to monitor (via the MyFitnessPal App) the daily percentages of carbs, fats and proteins. Whilst I’m not trying to bulk up, it’s always the latter (i.e protein) that is the hardest to consume in the correct amounts.

With all of the above in mind I got hold of the USN Whey & Oats to see if I could begin the day with a head start on protein. 21.6g to be precise.

Halo Anti-Freeze Headband Review

Halo Anti Freeze Headband Review

This is the second winter running where I’m determined to keep training through the colder temperatures. It’s therefore necessary for me to select my kit appropriately to retain the activity levels in the both the saddle and out on the running trails.

The Halo Anti-Freeze Headband has excelled in testing so far providing me with the option to keep my ears warm and prevent perspiration running into my eyes. Being a headband rather than a full hat, it gives options for use on its own or doubled up with other headgear, such as a helmet.

Garmin Forerunner 920XT

Garmin Forerunner 920XT Test Videos

In late November 2014 I became proud owner of a brand-new Garmin Forerunner 920XT multisports watch. It’s on test now to feature as an in-depth review, but to do justice to the amazing variety of modes and huge capabilities of the watch (which is also an activity tracker) it’s going to take a few weeks to write-up. In the meantime, I thought I would publish two short YouTube clips to give a little taster of what’s to come.