Sundried Review


You may already have noticed that the 2014 triathlon season has got underway with a brand new splash of colour. The SUNDRiED team have landed on the UK shores to bring us some fantastic apparel and also to support some upcoming UK talent.

These are the shots of a pretty cool T-shirt that I’ve managed to get my hands on. I’m not going in-depth like my normal gadget reviews, but can say these T-shirts are unbelievably comfy at any time you may wish to wear them. There’s some really high quality cotton involved, making the Tee feel like it’s floating on your torso. I’m not sure how they’ve managed it, but I really love lounging in this after training.

Sundried Review 2

SUNDRiED are supporting some pretty major athletes already, with likes of Ireland’s Eimear Mullan. They’re also establishing a new program where they have invited UK athletes to apply to become ambassadors. Nicky Bartlett is already one successful applicant but others are expected soon, so make sure you get in touch with them on their website or via Twitter or Facebook if you want to be considered.

The T-shirts and other apparel are available to everyone. I’m sure you’ll be seeing them at races soon. Check out the funky sunglasses on their website too!

Strip System Review

Secret Training STRIP Review

It’s very rare that I use a product for the first time and just click with it. That is, however, exactly what has happened with the ‘STRIP’ range by Secret Training. I guess that by being designed ‘by athletes for athletes’ I should not have been surprised at how effective the STRIP System was going to be.

For the purpose of this review I have used the product as part of my general training over a period of 14 days and also as part of my race day at the Grendon Triathlon (race report here).

bike pizza cutter

Bike Pizza Cutter Review

I thought I would use this post, and (in particular), this picture as a bit of a demonstration of the power of a decent image backed up by social media. To explain, I should state that this little product arrived as a gift through my door as a result of me posting this simple tweet:

Fixie Pizza Cutter

Well… it turns out what I wanted, I got!  It also turned out to be a an extremely popular image on all of the social media platforms that TriedOnline is connected with (see the buttons above and right).

N.B. this was a gift from someone who knows me all too well – and not from anyone associated with the product!

Anyway… as it has landed on my desk, I thought it deserved a proper review!

Sportstiks Tattoo Review

Sportstiks Tattoo Review

Sports and Stickers. That is exactly what does and that is exactly what every triathlon competitor will need on race day. This is a quick review of the Sportstiks Tatoos.

Chances are, you will have already come across the standard paper stickers that are placed on the bike and cycle helmet to display your race number (Sportstiks do those too). This is about the tattoos you may see the elites wearing as body markers rather than wearing a race belt.