Tuvizo Reflective Vest Review

Tuvizo Reflective Vest Review

The Tuvizo Reflective Vest has rapidly become one of my most essential pieces of kit for keeping me seen as I continue my training schedule through the winter months. Previously, I probably didn’t take night visibility as seriously as I should and I’m now kicking myself that I hadn’t found a solution as simple as this one sooner. It’s a shockingly simple garment with a one buckle design and massive amounts of adjustability. You can also get it a very bright pink!

Booq Boa Nerve Graphite review

Booq Boa Nerve Graphite Review

The Booq Boa Nerve Graphite is a spacious and extremely robust messenger/laptop style bag. I know this is 100% a triathlon and sports review site, but I’ve been so impressed with the workings of this bag I just had to give it a review. You see… I’m doing a fair bit of travelling around for work plus TriedOnline and always need to have my trusty MacBook close to hand. In fact, since the advent of TriedOnline I think my laptop has become just as sacred as my treasured triathlon bike. Think of the files, photographs and backups as the miles travelled and accrued on my bike (i.e irreplaceable). In short, I’m very protective of my laptop and won’t just place it in any old bag!

Step up the Booq Boa Nerve Graphite.

ion air pro 2 review

iON Air Pro 2 Review

The iON Air Pro 2 is an advanced action camera with WiFi capabilities and robust design. Unlike many other action cameras, it is a torch-light design making it easy to mount in various situations and completely waterproof without any additional housings. The simple design allows for the capture of HD video images at the slide of a simple button all housed in completely rigid, robust metal housing.

WiFi capability comes via an additional end piece (sold separately) to enable wireless control and transfer to iOS or Android smartphones. It’s a nifty little device packing in a CMOS image sensor capable of 14 megapixels and 1080p HD video via an easy use to wide-angle lens. I’ve given the iON Air pro 2 a test from the perspective of a triathlete to provide an indication of performance both above and below water.

Read on and you’ll also get to critique 50 metres of my front crawl (freestyle) swimming stroke!

Fabric Scoop Saddle Review

Fabric’s Scoop Saddle can come in a few different variations, to suit both different riding styles and different budgets. Divided in to three style options the Scoop Saddle comes as ‘Flat’, ‘Shallow’, and ‘Radius’. The Flat profile is designed for aero riding positions, so (as the name suggests) it it a) flat and b) has very little padding. The curvature and padding increases up to Radius with a profile that suits more upright positions and has much more padding.

Kitbrix review

Kitbrix Review

Kitbrix is a storage system that is based around rectangular bags that can be zipped together so that you can create a flexible system of storing, transporting and racing with your kit. The bags are available individually, or as a set of three. There are few different colour schemes available, the model that we had on test was finished in ‘kitbrix blue’ with the ‘K’ symbol on one end and their ‘keep it together slogan’ on the side, visible behind the mesh pockets. The first thing that immediately leapt to my attention was the reassuring feeling of rugged quality. Throughout the test period at no point did I feel that I was in any danger of ripping the material, splitting stitching or seams, or jamming the zip. The top handle was tough webbing with a rubber grip and there are 6 attachment points for the long strap around the edge. This initial feeling of robustness got the Kitbrix and I off to a very good start.

Mighty Buds earphones Review

Mighty Buds Earphones Review

The Mighty Buds earphones are a really unique music device using electroluminescent technology to physically illuminate the earphone cord in tune to the beat of your music. I decided to give them a go from a night-vision perspective as it occurred to me they could be a really interesting tool for staying seen on those dark winter runs.

Cateye Rapid X rear light review

Cateye Rapid X Rear Light Review

The Cateye Rapid X is a new addition to Cayteye’s 2014 range of rear lighting solutions. I’ve decided to review it here as it offers a very useful solution for an extremely robust and bright rear light that also has the ability to fit effortlessly to a triathlon or TT Bike (including those with aero seat tubes). It, therefore, provides a really useful option for top quality lighting to anyone wishing to continue use of their triathlon bike through the darker winter months.

Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro Earphones Review

As someone who trains regularly with music and various apps ringing in my ears, I was intrigued to test a pair of in-ear headphones boasting the claim ‘guaranteed to never fall out’. Well… in every situation I’ve tested the Yurbuds the grippy silicone moulded buds have lived up to the claim of staying in place and have remained genuinely comfortable.

Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles Review

Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO Goggles Review

The Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO swim goggles are the updated version of the already trusted and best-selling Kaiman range. With 8 pairs million sold worldwide already, Aqua Sphere knew what they were doing when they introduced a weight reduction together with an easier quick adjust system to the buckles. The result is crystal clear visibility combined with unrivalled comfort.

Teko EVAPOR8 Socks Review

Teko EVAPOR8 Socks Review

The TEKO EVAPOR8 Firefly is a high performing, fitted, unisex sports sock. It is definitely a minimalist sock which will be a bonus for most triathletes as the clever construction eliminates the need for a heavier or bulkier dual layer system. The contoured fit is such that any rubbing and/or chafing is eliminated due to the construction and reinforcement in all the correct places.