Booq Boa Nerve Graphite review

Booq Boa Nerve Graphite Review

The Booq Boa Nerve Graphite is a spacious and extremely robust messenger/laptop style bag. I know this is 100% a triathlon and sports review site, but I’ve been so impressed with the workings of this bag I just had to give it a review. You see… I’m doing a fair bit of travelling around for work plus TriedOnline and always need to have my trusty MacBook close to hand. In fact, since the advent of TriedOnline I think my laptop has become just as sacred as my treasured triathlon bike. Think of the files, photographs and backups as the miles travelled and accrued on my bike (i.e irreplaceable). In short, I’m very protective of my laptop and won’t just place it in any old bag!

Step up the Booq Boa Nerve Graphite.

Le Col Sport Winter Jacket Review

British brand Le Col has launched its 2014 winter range of innovative cycling clothing designed for both performance and comfort through the harsh winter months, whist still maintaining style. The British clothing and accessory company was formed by professional and elite cyclist, Yanto Barker, with the aim of bringing Italian made style to the British climates.

Le Col has been growing in popularity and reputation since it was founded, finding its way in to the hearts of more and more cyclists and their clubs. Most recently, Yanto Barker has also featured in the news as the Team Captain of the newly formed ‘One Pro Cycling Team’ established by professional cricketer, Matt Prior.

I was able to get hold of the 2014 Winter Sport Jacket in order to put it through its paces together with a pair of the Le Col Leg Warmers. Perfect timing as temperatures have plummeted here in the UK over the past four weeks.

Halo Anti-Freeze Headband Review

Halo Anti Freeze Headband Review

This is the second winter running where I’m determined to keep training through the colder temperatures. It’s therefore necessary for me to select my kit appropriately to retain the activity levels in the both the saddle and out on the running trails.

The Halo Anti-Freeze Headband has excelled in testing so far providing me with the option to keep my ears warm and prevent perspiration running into my eyes. Being a headband rather than a full hat, it gives options for use on its own or doubled up with other headgear, such as a helmet.

Fat Lad At The Back Jersey Review

Fat Lad At The Back Nippy Jersey Review

The Fat Lad at the Back ‘Nippy’ Jersey is a comfortable winter long-sleeved jersey with many useful features to keep you snug and warm as you continue cycling through the winter months. With a tall collar, full length zip and long thumbhole sleeves the jersey provided full upper-body protection whilst remaining versatile and breathable.

Teko EVAPOR8 Socks Review

Teko EVAPOR8 Socks Review

The TEKO EVAPOR8 Firefly is a high performing, fitted, unisex sports sock. It is definitely a minimalist sock which will be a bonus for most triathletes as the clever construction eliminates the need for a heavier or bulkier dual layer system. The contoured fit is such that any rubbing and/or chafing is eliminated due to the construction and reinforcement in all the correct places.

British Legion Cycling Jersey Review

British Legion Cycle Jersey Review

With excellent lightweight technical fabric and 3 rear pockets, the British Legion Cycle Jersey proves a great training and race shirt whilst supporting one of the most worthwhile and internationally recognised of causes. 

Although this is a short-sleeve jersey it had to feature as a November review being so close to armistice day and the 100 year anniversary of the great war. It’s a product I’ve worn with pride through each of its outings on test.