Triathlon Modes – Garmin FR920XT v Polar V800

The background to this post can be found in the in-depth review of the Garmin Forerunner 920XT where I performed a test of a full (albeit DIY) Triathlon wearing both the FR920XT and the Polar V800. To make sense of the activity (if you’ve come straight to this page) head over to the Triathlon section the FR920XT Review here.

I wanted to provide a separate page for the screenshots of the workout obtained from both Garmin Connect and Polar Flow. I’ll provide the summary screens first and then each sport in turn, Swim/Bike/Run.

Activity Tracker v Smartphone

There’s no denying the first 5 months of 2014 have seen massive progress when it comes to fitness tracking and wearable technology. Barely a week goes by without an update or newly released product and/or smartphone app. It was only within the last month that Facebook announced that it was buying Moves.

Whilst there are many early adopters, there are also those who are not yet convinced or perhaps waiting to see whether one of the most noticeable absentees from the market (i.e. Apple) will throw their hat into the ring with an iWatch. As this is not a rumour site I decided to focus on what is currently available.

I also noticed an update to the MyFitnessPal app to make use of the built-in motion sensor in the iPhone 5s (an accelerometer linked to the ‘M7 Coprocessor’ to enable continuous motion tracking).

So the question became: Activity Tracker v Smartphone?