TomTom Multisport Cardio Review

TomTom Multisport Cardio Review

The TomTom Multisports Cardio is TomTom’s range topping GPS device now featuring an in-built optical heart rate sensor. The addition of the word ‘Cardio’ to the previously released device means that the watch now incorporates the very clever Mio sensor, giving the ability to detect heart rate direct from the wrist.

Being a multisport device, the TomTom Multisports Cardio (I think I’m gonna shorten it to the “Cardio” for this review) can track all of your running, cycling & swimming activities. It even has a mode to track indoor running on a treadmill without the need for a footpod. All very handy when all you need is the device and no separate heart rate strap to start your training.

TomTom also has a its own smartphone app to make use of the wireless capabilities via Bluetooth. Data transfer can be utilised straight to your phone or via USB direct to your PC. There’s also ability to integrate with third-party applications (such as Strava) at the point of upload.

Eweleaze Farm Camping review

Summer Break – Eweleaze Farm Camping

I’ve not posted a full review since the Polar V800 (although there’s one coming soon) as I’ve been working on publicising TriedOnline and taking a little summer break. This is just a short post about my travels and the very unique Eweleaze Farm.

After such a positive experience at this amazing campsite I couldn’t help but write a little review. I’ll run through a few images to introduce you to Eweleaze and (for the benefit if some of the international followers) some of the amazing sights on offer in Dorset, UK.

Strip System Review

Secret Training STRIP Review

It’s very rare that I use a product for the first time and just click with it. That is, however, exactly what has happened with the ‘STRIP’ range by Secret Training. I guess that by being designed ‘by athletes for athletes’ I should not have been surprised at how effective the STRIP System was going to be.

For the purpose of this review I have used the product as part of my general training over a period of 14 days and also as part of my race day at the Grendon Triathlon (race report here).

Activity Tracker v Smartphone

There’s no denying the first 5 months of 2014 have seen massive progress when it comes to fitness tracking and wearable technology. Barely a week goes by without an update or newly released product and/or smartphone app. It was only within the last month that Facebook announced that it was buying Moves.

Whilst there are many early adopters, there are also those who are not yet convinced or perhaps waiting to see whether one of the most noticeable absentees from the market (i.e. Apple) will throw their hat into the ring with an iWatch. As this is not a rumour site I decided to focus on what is currently available.

I also noticed an update to the MyFitnessPal app to make use of the built-in motion sensor in the iPhone 5s (an accelerometer linked to the ‘M7 Coprocessor’ to enable continuous motion tracking).

So the question became: Activity Tracker v Smartphone?

Triedonline turbo

The Second Blog

I honestly couldn’t have imagined how well TriedOnline would take off just in it’s first two weeks since I sat in Zappi’s Cafe writing the ‘Opening Blog’. Since that date I’ve drafted and completed two full lists of optimisations for this site and added two in-depth product reviews. I hope you have enjoyed reading them.

The Opening Blog

Welcome to my Blog. My very first Blog!

My name is Tim Reid, T Reid, or, on this site, ‘Tried’. I won’t be explaining that everywhere but I thought you might be wondering about the genesis of the name. Tri is also Triathlon.

Now I’m online.

I work, train, race and raise. The reference to ‘raise’ is to my two amazing children who have inspired me to start this website. I won’t really be talking about them here, but their creative achievements before the age of 10 have shown me that anything is possible.

The time for the initial setup of TriedOnline has been found from a period of injury where I would otherwise have been out training in either swimming, cycling & running.