Brompton Raw Lacquer Review

Brompton Raw Lacquer Review SL3

For those wondering why there hasn’t been a blog post for a few weeks, I’ve recently changed jobs and have been focusing my attention settling in to an awesome new role and a new commute (by train) from Banbury to Oxford. What a great excuse for a new bike!

Step up the Brompton SL3 ‘Raw Lacquer’ folding bike.

For anybody reading this review in the UK, Bromptons will be a familiar sight on city roads and stations with the clever design and unmistakable shape making for the perfect solution for urban portable transport. If you’re viewing from elsewhere… read on for what I consider to be one of the UK’s greatest design feats and most interesting exports.

British Legion Cycling Jersey Review

British Legion Cycle Jersey Review

With excellent lightweight technical fabric and 3 rear pockets, the British Legion Cycle Jersey proves a great training and race shirt whilst supporting one of the most worthwhile and internationally recognised of causes. 

Although this is a short-sleeve jersey it had to feature as a November review being so close to armistice day and the 100 year anniversary of the great war. It’s a product I’ve worn with pride through each of its outings on test.

Polar V800 review profile

Polar V800 Swimming Update

Today I received a very welcome email from Polar Flow to inform me that the much-anticipated firmware update had arrived to introduce the tracking of pool swimming metrics to the Polar V800. Awesome news!

Well… as soon as it arrived I hastily re-arranged my schedule to see if I could squeeze in a quick swim before the end of the lunch time lanes session at my local pool. I say hastily, as the ropes would only be up for another hour!

Grendon Triathlon Race Report

IRONMAN Wales 2015

There was a little hint in yesterday’s blog post about a what might be in store for TriedOnline’s 2015. Well… here it is… I’m a fully registered, paid up (some might say crazy) entrant to IRONMAN Wales 2015.

The Road to Tenby

From today onwards I’ll launch a new section of the website to countdown the road to Tenby. I’ll blog about my journey through training and, most importantly, the kit that will be accompanying me to the start line. In that respect I guess I already have one of every item needed but I’ll be using the next 10 months to narrow down which gear has benefitted my training the most and will serve me best on the transition from standard to long distance triathlon. There will be plenty more gadget reviews.

This is how I roll… Prevent, Prepare, Perform

From pondering my 2014 triathlon season and which direction to take for 2015, I took the opportunity to attend the ‘Prevent, Prepare, Perform’ seminar as organised and hosted by the vastly experienced Drummond Clinic in Maidenhead, UK.

With an impressive line up of guest speakers and interactive presentations by some of the clinic’s own sports therapists, it seemed a no-brainer for me to attend and work out how not repeat my experience this year’s injury hit season. And why not start this new plan in the company of the European Ironman Champion and some of her elite team contributing to this year’s achievements!

TFN & TriedOnline

Some exciting news for TriedOnline followers…

I’m pleased to announce that TriedOnline and award winning retailer TFN are to buddy up for the benefit of both of our readers and the multisports community. Hopefully you’ll be aware from reading this site that the purpose of the reviews is to remain independent and to give you an idea how you may expect a GPS or sports product to perform in both a training and race situation. Nothing will be changing there, but hopefully you’ll now have a place to head over to for unrivalled customer service and support should be thinking about a purchase.

But don’t just take my work for it… TFN has been awarded the prestigious ‘Retailer of the Year’ from 220 Triathlon magazine for the last 7 years running!

There will be some further news soon, but the first development will be the upcoming review of the Garmin 920XT multisports watch. I should be getting my hands one very soon and will get training with it right away. Look out for the first glimpse on the YouTube channel in a week or so.

In the meantime, TFN are running a great online pre-order facility to help you become one of the first to get your hands on the much anticipated device. You can follow the link… but be quick!

You can also head over to the TFN Homepage, where you will find a truly multisports devoted organisation who also ship worldwide.

Polar Loop Review

The Polar Loop is Polar’s entry into the activity tracking market aimed at those looking to track their all-day steps, calories and sleep data. Given Polar’s extensive history and experience in heart-rate tracking it’s no surprise that the Loop also has the ability to pair with a heart rate sensor to double up as a very compact tool for capturing full fitness data.

The ability to connect to a both a heart rate strap and a smartphone (via Bluetooth Smart) takes the Loop into territory currently only occupied by Garmin’s Vivofit and Vivosmart devices.

SwimBritain Blenheim Palace Review

Today the opportunity of being a last minute stand in team-mate took me to the beautiful Blenheim Palace for a bit of open-water swimming at the British Gas ‘SwimBritain’ event. It turns out this magnificently organised event also proved the prefect event for closing of my injury hit season.  This may well be the final race report of 2014 but don’t worry, the training and gadget reviews continue as usual.

Here’s how it went….

Garmin wireless cadence sensor review Feature

Garmin Magnetless Cadence Sensor Review

Whilst researching a solution for adding cadence to my second bike I noticed Garmin had recently introduced a new magnet-less range for both cadence and speed detection to pair wirelessly via ANT+. Perfect!

The brand new sensors are different to the previous GSC-10 ‘Combi Sensor’ (reviewed by Ben) in that motion is now detected via an in-built accelerometer rather than a chainstay mounted unit triggered by magnets rotating on the spokes and/or crank. With the inclusion of accelerometer technology, the cadence sensor is much smaller and can be mounted inconspicuously behind the bike’s crank arm.

Here I have tested the cadence sensor only. A separate speed sensor (which mounts to hub of the rear wheel) is also available and tested here. N.B. if you do wish to go magnet-less for both speed & cadence you will need two separate sensors (they can, however, be purchased as a pack).