British Legion Cycling Jersey Review

British Legion Cycle Jersey Review

With excellent lightweight technical fabric and 3 rear pockets, the British Legion Cycle Jersey proves a great training and race shirt whilst supporting one of the most worthwhile and internationally recognised of causes. 

Although this is a short-sleeve jersey it had to feature as a November review being so close to armistice day and the 100 year anniversary of the great war. It’s a product I’ve worn with pride through each of its outings on test.

British Legion Cycle Jersey Review

Made of 100% polyester, the full front zip jersey has lots of nice touches, such an elasticated silicone gripper looping the bottom hem, a key pocket to the rear and close fitted sleeves. All of these functions make for a secure fit that won’t ride up out of position or begin flapping in the wind. In fact, the jersey is so well fitted it felt light and evenly proportioned through every area of the torso making for long-term comfort through each test ride.

The striking triple colour scheme (i.e Union Jack) sets off the design and appeal of the shirt with closer inspection revealing the tasteful logo of the poppy to give perspective to the design and cause that the rider is supporting. I really love it.

 British Legion Cycle Jersey Review

To the rear there are 3 generously deep pockets for essential items (bottles etc) including a further zipped side pocket for the stowing keys/coins and smaller items. The poppy design is carried through to the back as is a further message… ‘Shoulder to shoulder with all who Serve”.

It’s a standard cycle jersey so it doesn’t have multiple fabrics and panels. The 100% polyester is breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin well whilst also maintaining airflow. Obviously in the colder months its more likely to be warn as a layer (at which it will perform well) whilst in summer it will act as all-day riding jersey. Having said that, the range is available now with a long-sleeved version.

British Legion Cycle Jersey Review

British Legion Cycle Jersey Review

I’ll be keeping this jersey on long-term test and wearing it with pride throughout the year.


At £39.99 this is a very affordable and worthwhile investment to your cycling wardrobe. It performs exceptionally at its price point and will make you feel very proud of the recipients of your outlay.

Available at the Poppy Shop

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