BodyMe Super Energy Mix

BodyMe Super Energy Mix Review

In keeping with my healthy start to 2015 I thought I’d begin the year with a mini review of an organic energy mix I’ve been trialling. The BodyMe Super Energy Mix is a blend of 5 of the planets’ naturally occurring energy superfoods all rolled up (or ground up) in to one convenient pouch. It’s also a very convenient method of introducing some other essential nutrients and vitamins into your diet in a natural and organic form.

I’ve been giving it a go from the perspective of a triathlete over the colder winter months to see if I could boost the energy levels as the nights draw in and the days get colder.

The idea is the mix can be integrated with your existing diet easily by introducing up to 5g per day mixed with water or simply added to juices and/or smoothies. I also found that adding it to my morning porridge was pretty convenient.


On opening the packaging it kinda looks like sand but the texture is far softer and less course. It’s definitely gratifying to see that, in keeping with the natural and organic ethos, there are no added colorants etc.

BodyMe Super Energy Mix


When simply added to water it’s a taste that I can only really describe as ‘tea like’. Not like your standard tea, but more of a pleasant fruit variety that I can’t quite pin-point. As it’s a mix of boabab, guarana, maca, lucuna and acai it’s impossible to isolate which particular flavour dominates (as I have no experience of the individual tastes of these particular superfoods) but the overall experience is definitely pleasant. When added to a juice or a smoothie the added taste is barely noticeable at all and consistency is unaffected.

For a full rundown of each of the above superfoods the product is described in detail on the BodyMe website here.


I’ve used the Super Energy Mix most mornings and have continued my normal training regime. Whilst it’s always difficult to attribute health and energy factors to any one given product or source I can say that as December has progressed to January, I have felt good and energised each time I’ve set out for training. I’ve also noticed that when evaluating my daily intake on MyFitnessPal I’m getting closer to the GDAs for Vitamin C & B.

Summary –¬†BodyMe Super Energy Mix

If you want to find a natural and organic energy source as an alternative to some of the more mainstream energy products then the body me range could be what you are looking for. The Super Energy Mix is a convenient, hassle free method of introducing energy and superfoods into your diet through simply adding to water and/or juices that you may already consume.

The Super Energy Mix costs £19.99 for a 250g pouch with a 20p donation form every purchase going to Healthy Planet.

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I want my reviews to be as independent as possible. On that basis, I thought a link to Amazon would provide the most impartial method of you looking at other user comments should you be considering a purchase.

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