bike pizza cutter

Bike Pizza Cutter Review

I thought I would use this post, and (in particular), this picture as a bit of a demonstration of the power of a decent image backed up by social media. To explain, I should state that this little product arrived as a gift through my door as a result of me posting this simple tweet:

Fixie Pizza Cutter

Well… it turns out what I wanted, I got!  It also turned out to be a an extremely popular image on all of the social media platforms that TriedOnline is connected with (see the buttons above and right).

N.B. this was a gift from someone who knows me all too well – and not from anyone associated with the product!

Anyway… as it has landed on my desk, I thought it deserved a proper review!

Opening the Box

bike pizza cutter review

There are a couple of those annoying twisty ties that you normally have to tackle when unboxing children’s toys, but I was delighted to discover that the bike cutter even comes with is own colour matched rear wheel stand. This just keeps getting better!

The packaging was so neat and presentable it was sort-of a shame to open it up.

Frame Geometry and Wheel Dimensions 

Bike Pizza Cutter

Wheel Size: 73mm

Head Tube Angle: 71°

Head Tube Length: 11mm

Top Tube Length: 70mm

Hand Over Height: 60mm

Reach: 48mm


bike pizza cutter review

To ensure that this test is both empirical and measurable I’ve made a comparison with a standard single-wheel pizza cutter. Both cutters here have metal wheels.

Test conditions were stringent, with each cutter used in a single motion across the entire length of the same pizza base. The idea was to avoid any unnecessary rolling back and forwards. Each pizza was cut in to quarters rather than eighths with a one-handed operation.


Bike pizza cutter IMG_4130

No too much of a test. Both performed as expected, managing a clean dissection of both topping and base in one clear movement.

Italian Meats

bike pizza cutter IMG_4141

A much stiffer test! Slightly thicker base with numerous sliced meat hindrances.

This is where the bike used its two-wheel advantage to full effect. With the first wheel cutting the base plus forming an effective ‘furrow’, the rear wheel was able to obtain the necessary additional traction to cut cleanly to chopping board. The single-wheel cutter needed a second run together with a few roll-backs in order achieve the same effect.

For the bike’s efforts, there where no significant losses of cheese nor tearing of toppings.


bike pizza cutter

Standard washing up is probably sensible but a ride in the dishwasher does not seem to have done any harm.



  • It looks like a bike
  • Two metal cutting wheels
  • Colour matched bike stand
  • Good cutting action


  • Price

Summary & conclusion

The Fixie Pizza Cutter is actually a pizza cutter. In the test above, it proved a superior cutting ride when compared with a standard single wheel cutter. A feel good factor is felt with every ride starting with the removal of the cutter from its stand.

At £14.99 there is no question that this is a premium product. Having said that, the Fixie is no mere novelty. For serious bike enthusiast this is another bike for the collection and one that may receive more day-to-day use than our other beloved machines.

Buying options

The Fixie is available at Doiy Design & Amazon

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