Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles Review

Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO Goggles Review

The Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO swim goggles are the updated version of the already trusted and best-selling Kaiman range. With 8 pairs million sold worldwide already, Aqua Sphere knew what they were doing when they introduced a weight reduction together with an easier quick adjust system to the buckles. The result is crystal clear visibility combined with unrivalled comfort.

Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO Goggles Review

Out of the box the gasket feels almost sticky giving you the impression in your hand of an ultra grippy mobile phone case. It’s an even better sensation when you first put them to position, as they seemed to hold in place with the minimum of tension on the straps, allowing for the correct fit to be discovered. This was achieved without to having push the frame backwards towards the eye sockets. Before leaving the house for the pool, I already knew that I had the correct fit to just jump in and swim.

And without exaggeration, my first 25m with the Kaiman EXO’s was something of a revelation in a pool that I have been using for at least 3 years! I didn’t even think about the fit at first, whist my senses took in the additional peripheral vision that was available at each stage of the front crawl (or freestyle) stroke. Quite simply, I could see the more both above and below water.

It then also occurred to me that the fit was maintaining comfort and performing leak free without any extreme tension on the strap. This enabled a comfortable feeling on the both the eyes and the back of the head. Even better, there was the minimum of marks left around the eyes when looking in the mirror after an hour being in the pool. Perfect if you are heading back to the office after an early or lunchtime swim.

Aqua Sphere Kaiman exo Goggles Review

Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO Goggles Review

I’ve not yet tested in open water (it’s cold here in the UK in November!) but I’ve already got the impression that sighting will be significantly improved. Lifting my head just slightly higher than my normal pool style enabled an extremely clear view ahead benefitting again from the increased peripheral vision. After a number of swims with the Kaiman EXO the feeling of increased vision has remained, as has the incredible leak free seal.

On one of my test swims I gave the goggles to a club mate at my triathlon club for a brief test. Whilst he experienced the same clarity of vision he did find that the non-adjustable nose bridge appeared to prevent him arriving at the perfect fit. I believe this is something that would be overcome with a little adjustment but it’s also worth noting that the Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO Goggles do come in different sizes to accommodate all users. On that basis, you may want to consider trying the correct size before a purchase.

All-in-all the Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO goggles are a superior swimming aid and one that I will be turning to for my training from now on. The fit is great and the vision is something of a revelation. At £22.99 they are at the higher end of the scale on price but the quality will be noticed for the additional outlay.

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I want my reviews to be as independent as possible. On that basis, I thought a link to Amazon would provide the most impartial method of you looking at other user comments should you be considering a purchase. You can also view them on the Aqua Sphere website here.

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